1. The Wildlife

Costa Rica is renowned worldwide for it’s biodiversity and conservation efforts, with good reason. Although the national parks are amazing, you don’t even need to visit them to see the wildlife. On a walk from one town to another, I saw sloths on the trees next to the road. In Cahuita on one day, I walked past a bush with sloths in, and saw a caiman outside the restaurant we were eating at. Costa Rica is home to an immense volume of biodiversity – toucans, sloths, monkeys, snakes, frogs, tayras and jesus lizards to name a few of the animals I saw.

2. The Diversity

When you go to Costa Rica, it isn’t somewhere that you can go to any point and think you’re in the same place. You can go for a cloud forest adventure in Monteverde, hiking around waterfalls and volcanoes in Arenal, go surfing on the Pacific Coast, or spend some time chilling out in the Caribbean. You can choose what you’d like to do, or try to do a whistle-stop tour of everywhere. The 2 Week Costa Rica Itinerary might be a good place to start.

Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica (Cahuita National Park)

3. It’s a well known tourist destination

While this may seem like a downside to some, it means that the infrastructure for transport is already there. You can very easily book and sort trips you’d like to do to make sure you see everything and people are well accustomed to foreign travellers. The economy is heavily built on eco-tourism, with tourism being Costa Rica’s biggest economic sector. You’ll never be stuck for activities, and there is plenty of help for travellers while you’re there.

Cacao Plantation in Costa Rica

4. The people

Costa Rican people were incredibly friendly during my there – helping me with my Spanish and slowing it down so I could actually understand and reply rather than immediately reverting to English. They were more than happy to show off their culture and traditions, and I could definitely see myself going back.

5. The Food

One of my key memories of the trip is trying Patacones for the first time in Monteverde with a local coffee. They were amazing. I won’t go on for too long about the food here having written a Food Checklist for Costa Rica already. I can say that you won’t be let down by the food!

The bad?

I loved Costa Rica. And I’d go again in a heartbeat, to every single one of the locations. As with any country, some people will love what some people hate about a place. Costa Rica will be no different. It’s probably not the place if you’re looking for partying all night long, or if you’re looking for the most budget destination you can find. It’s no secret that due to Costa Rica’s popularity it is definitely more expensive than other Central and South American countries. I met several travellers who were going to head into Nicaragua after their time for a some more budget travel. This may be something to consider if you’re got a little longer to spend but are held back by finance.

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