If you go to Malta, there are some definite must-eats. As a very brief overview of their cuisine, these were my three favourite dishes while I was over there. I’d highly recommend all of them, even if just for a taste.

  • Rabbit (Fenkata) – usually I’m not a huge fan of rabbit. However, the rabbit in Malta was cooked beautifully. Most restaurants seemed to serve a rabbit dish.
  • Ftira – this is a traditional maltese sandwich. The bread is slighly heavier than usual bread and it’s filled with antipasti such as sardines and tomatos. If you just fancy it as a midday snack and you’re travelling in a couple or more, you can easily split one of these sandwiches. They sell them in many of the streets in Valletta.
  • Platt Malti – the traditional maltese platter. This is a cultural activity as well as a foodie activity and gives you a little taster of what malta’s food has to offer.

If you want a much more comprehensive list of which food to try in Malta, have a look at Maltese Food: 15 Must-Try Dishes in Malta | Will Fly for Food.

Although this is not maltese food per-say, the restaurant San Paolo Naufrago had one of the nicest atmospheres in Valletta. I’ve linked their website if you’re interested in looking: (San Paolo Naufrago – Pizza Restaurant in Valletta (business.site). There was a queue most days, and the whole restaurant consisted of small tables on steps and fairy lights strung across the small street. Even if you decide to just go for a drink very early evening and get a couple of starters, you should take the time to absorb this side of Valletta’s atmosphere.

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