Firstly, it’s the largest free music festival in Europe. I needed little more information to persuade me to go. However, I would advise being slightly more organised than I was; it was coincidental that I was in Malta at the right time. I found about it the day before the event. While the official dates and acts for 2024 aren’t yet released, it’s usually around June/July time. You can check on the website Isle of MTV Malta 2024 for date and act releases.

Back to my 2023 experience: absolutely free. This included free water bottles, tote bags and photographs inside the event. I do have to stipulate here though that the BIG first event is free, and acts as an advert for the rest of the week’s events such as pool parties, clubbing nights and boat parties – all of which charge for entry.

In 2023, the acts were One Republic, Tom Grennan, Mimi Webb and more (again, all free!!!) which started from around 19:00 – 19:30 and lasted late into the night. I would recommend going to Malta to anyone, for the festival or not (and another thing to note for college/sixth form aged students – the drinking age in Malta is 17). However if you like music, party travel with a mix of culture then Isle of Malta MTV music festival is perfect for you. I loved it and intend to go back in future years.


It is completely free to enter the first event (the big kick off with the headlining acts) however the other events through the week will cost money. Here, I’m just talking about the first event as that was what I attended.

Food and drink

Food and drinks inside the event venue are very cheap – you don’t need to worry about cost. (Can’t quite remember but I think it was something like six shots for 6 euros if you want to drink. It’s very reasonable.) They even provided me with a free water bottle upon entry, and I got a free can and totebag for taking some photographs at a fashion advertisement in the grounds.

Taking bags into the event

Last year, they allowed you to take a small bag into the event and sealed water bottles. However, do make sure your bag is small enough – no bigger than A4.


Arrive early! There is limited space within the grounds. I think we queued for around two hours to an hour and a half before the gates opened. I’d advise taking a drink and a book and sitting on the street outside to make sure you get a place. I’m not saying spend your whole day prepping to enter – you can have a leisurely lunch and then make your way over. Don’t stress too much over the time, and it’s better to arrive early than late. Unlike England, Malta is plenty warm enough to just stand around and soak up some sun before you enter. Check on the website for 2024 timings when they’re released.

Hopefully this gives you enough of an insight to Isle of Malta MTV music festival – and I genuinely cannot recommend it enough.

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