One of the things I’ve started doing when visiting a city abroad is trying the local cooking classes. This began with a cooking class in Sorento, Italy. I have to admit, this first class is still my favourite by far. It was recommended by a lady selling limoncello that I met on a walking tour. A taxi took up to the mountains just outside Sorento where we were greeted.

The Venue for the Cooking Class in Sorento (as is the top image)

This cooking class in Sorento was better than anything I had imagined. It consisted of a small tour around the farm to pick some of the ingredients, a class of three of us at this outdoor restaurant overlooking the sea from the mountainside. We made ravioli from scratch, vegetarian starters and a tiramisu for desert. The whole experience was truly authentic and made me feel like I’d learnt more about the local culture in this class than I had anywhere else in Sorento.

Since then, I’ve done a few other cooking classes: one in Madrid and one in Lisbon. Although these were both still brilliant, with the chefs being experts and more than willing to share their culture, these felt a lot more commercial. These classes though have still given me plenty of culinary skills and new recipes to try at home. More than that, cooking classes give you a chance to really chat to people from all over the world – even if not in the country you are in.

However, I would caution when booking cooking classes to check reviews carefully and know what experience you’re looking for. If you want authenticity and locality, you might be better trying to find one when you get there. Alternatively, check reviews so you can get the atmosphere and class size you want.

Overall, I think that cooking classes abroad can definitely be worth it if you find the right one for you. The class in Sorento was one of my travel highlights while there, and you get chatting to loads of different people.

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