Places to be Explored – Memories to be Made – Lives to be Lived

Author: Caitlin

What to do in Monteverde, Costa Rica?

One of the more well known sites in Costa Rica, Monteverde is a haven of biodiversity and a perfect place to visit if you really want to experience the eco-tourism that the country is famed for. I spent an amazing three days in Monteverde. Although you could easily spend more time here, for…

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2 Week Costa Rica Itinerary

I finished my 2023 travels with a two week trip to Costa Rica. It was my first time visiting Central America, and I loved it. From the rainforests and biodiverse reserves to the traditional food in a bar in San Jose, I loved it. Rather than trying to squash in everything about Costa…

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10 Phrases to Learn Before you Visit a Country

Short and sweet – 10 phrases you should try to learn in the language before you travel. Even if you don’t use all of them, or people understand another language you can speak (most places have many people who can speak English now) it’s always a good idea – and makes you seem…

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Exploring Gdansk in a Weekend

I have to admit, my trip to Gdansk was extremely unorthodox: I didn’t know about the trip until 4 hours before the plane was due to take off on the Saturday morning. Talk about unprepared. One thing I can say, is it certainly taught me how to make the best of 31 hours…

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Which Croatian National Park should you visit?

Preface: If you can, I would highly recommend visiting them all. However, if people are on a budget, you’ve got a certain amount of time in a place etc. All of the National Parks Below can be visited from the city of Zadar, on Croatia’s coast. Overall, Krka was the best park to…

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Packing List for your Camping Holiday

With the number of nights camping I’ve done, both abroad and in the UK, I decided it was finally time to make a packing list. Obviously what you’re packing will be highly dependent on your location, access to electricity, weather – I could go on. For the purposes of this article, I’m writing…

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What Actually Happened at the World Scout Jamboree?

The World Scout Jamboree promised to be an experience like no other. And it was. Just not in the way I thought. Definitely not. With the number of news stories painting an awful picture, you’d expect everyone to be wanting to forget that ‘nightmare’. That really isn’t the case. Not for me anyway.

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All you need to Know Before Visiting Madrid

Madrid is one of the hearts of Spanish culture. In this article, I’ve given you my itinerary for my time in Madrid, and also a short list of all of the activities I did if you want to make your itinerary your own. My Itinerary – Day 1 To get a full first…

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Why Crete should be a top choice for a Greek Destination

I’ve been lucky enough to visit several Greek Islands and Crete has remained a firm favourite. Here, you can get Greek culture combined with the benefits of an activity holiday, and beaches. There are genuinely loads of day-trips you can take on Crete – from wherever you’re staying – to experience old palaces,…

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Planning your Budget Backpacking

While it’s not possible to stay in a five-star luxury hotel and pay barely anything for it, (unless you went to world scout jamboree 2023, but that’s another story) it’s definitely possible to backpack your summer away on a budget. Below is a quick read – three tips in three minutes to help…

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