Places to be Explored – Memories to be Made – Lives to be Lived

Author: Caitlin

How to Best Pick Your Next Destination

What follows are my three steps to choosing where you’re going next. The best part is, you can have a new exact place you’d love to visit for your next trip within a hour.

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Dubrovnik – What, Where and Why you should go

I’ll say it now – Dubrovnik was one of the first places where I truly fell in love with exploring as much as I could in as little time as I had there. Sunsets, sea, old streets and delicious food. What more could you want? (And that’s not even mentioning the tortoises in…

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Blog Instagram Page – Now Running

Wanderlustandarucksack now has an Instagram page where videos, updates and announcements of any special publications will be released. Please follow to stay updated with all the latest travel tips and so you can be notified when certain new articles will be coming. Already following on Instagram? Here are some top travel tips below…

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Top Cities to Visit in the UK

It completely depends on your preferences as to where will be your favourite city. However the UK does have a wide range of cities that can appeal to all. Edinburgh Let’s start in the North. The UK is known for having a fairly large North/South divide that plenty of people in the UK…

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Spending a weekend in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is personally one of my favourite UK cities. The atmosphere is unrivalled and there aren’t that many places where you can hear bagpipes being played on most street corners. Edinburgh hosts many big events – such as the Military Tattoo and Edinburgh festival but even on a regular weekend, it does have…

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Best 3 Dishes to try in Malta

If you go to Malta, there are some definite must-eats. As a very brief overview of their cuisine, these were my three favourite dishes while I was over there. I’d highly recommend all of them, even if just for a taste. If you want a much more comprehensive list of which food to…

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What to do for a Week in Malta

From the airport to Valletta, the best way to travel is to take a bus. It’s a single bus, no transfers, and if you get the Explore Card it’s very cheap. (Journeys on buses in Malta are two euros otherwise, which is still cheap). What was particularly interesting about this travel day was…

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Managing that Autumn Wanderlust

The feeling is all too common as the summer ends, and with it, some of the best adventures of the year. I can honestly say that this summer has been one of the best summers of my life: a week in Malta, followed by three weeks in South Korea and then a festival…

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Travel Essentials – Five Unforgettable Items For Your List

There’s an all too common feeling of panic when you realise you need to pack again – when you’ve no clue where to start. Throughout this year, I’ve been building up a list of essentials I now don’t travel without. Here are my top three that you should go and buy right now….

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Exploring Malta – foot, car, boat or bus?

Over this last summer, I visited Malta for the first time. For those who are just starting out on their own travelling adventures, or even seasoned travellers, I’d highly recommend it. Chances are that you’ve come here to discover the best way to see all the island has to offer. And it’s definitely…

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