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Author: Caitlin

Why you should go to Valletta’s ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ Festival

I have to admit – I’d never planned to go celebrate the Lady of Mount Carmel day in Malta. I hadn’t even realised that the 16th July was a special day in Malta until I arrived. The city was encased in red and gold banners hanging from the streets with golden statues stood…

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Packing Small – Cabin Bags

How To Only Take Cabin Bags When You Travel I’ll admit – I love flying budget airlines to cram even more holidays in. Especially with RyanAir, it can quickly become more expensive if you’re unprepared. Simply taking a cabin bag is the best way to avoid those extra costs. However, I know from…

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What to do for a week in Lisbon

You want to visit Lisbon – but what exactly can you do there? Like most capital cities in Europe, it’s filled with a rich history and plenty of activities. I spent a week in Lisbon around Easter time. While the best itinerary will vary person to person – and on time of year…

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Greek Islands – Which One Is Waiting For You?

Greece is a beautiful country, with plenty of different islands to visit. Although visiting ‘a Greek island’ is a simple enough holiday destination, the islands have subtle differences. I’ve been lucky enough to visit several of the islands over the years. Which island you should visit really depends on what you want most…

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Are Cooking Classes Abroad Worth it?

One of the things I’ve started doing when visiting a city abroad is trying the local cooking classes. This began with a cooking class in Sorento, Italy. I have to admit, this first class is still my favourite by far. It was recommended by a lady selling limoncello that I met on a…

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Food Checklist for Greece

Most towns and resorts in Greece offer a huge selection of Greek food. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many different Greek islands, and the food has always been amazing. While each island and will have subtle differences or a regional dish, below are some of the unmissable food choices for your…

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How to Travel More Sustainably

In current society, there are huge questions surrounding the ethics of travelling sustainably – both for the environment and for the communities you are travelling to. Airlines are trying to become more sustainable, with some pledges to be net zero by 2050. But there are still things that you can do to help…

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What to do for a week in Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is a gem of a city right on the Adriatic Coast, and the only city I’ve visited where the sea genuinely seems to be treated like a swimming pool – ladders up to the pavement all along the seafront, people sunbathing on the wide stone pavements and bathing platforms in the old…

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Food Checklist for Zadar

One of the best things to do in a new country or a new region is to try the food. It gives an insight into local culture and it’s usually very different to your own food. Plus, if you like it, it can always broaden your culinary repertoire for when you arrive back…

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How to Make the Most of a Weekend Break in Europe

3 top tips on saving time and money on a weekend away in Europe

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