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All you need to know about Isle of MTV Malta music festival

Firstly, it’s the largest free music festival in Europe. I needed little more information to persuade me to go. However, I would advise being slightly more organised than I was; it was coincidental that I was in Malta at the right time. I found about it the day before the event. While the…

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Exploring Gdansk in a Weekend

I have to admit, my trip to Gdansk was extremely unorthodox: I didn’t know about the trip until 4 hours before the plane was due to take off on the Saturday morning. Talk about unprepared. One thing I can say, is it certainly taught me how to make the best of 31 hours…

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Which Croatian National Park should you visit?

Preface: If you can, I would highly recommend visiting them all. However, if people are on a budget, you’ve got a certain amount of time in a place etc. All of the National Parks Below can be visited from the city of Zadar, on Croatia’s coast. Overall, Krka was the best park to…

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All you need to Know Before Visiting Madrid

Madrid is one of the hearts of Spanish culture. In this article, I’ve given you my itinerary for my time in Madrid, and also a short list of all of the activities I did if you want to make your itinerary your own. My Itinerary – Day 1 To get a full first…

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Why Crete should be a top choice for a Greek Destination

I’ve been lucky enough to visit several Greek Islands and Crete has remained a firm favourite. Here, you can get Greek culture combined with the benefits of an activity holiday, and beaches. There are genuinely loads of day-trips you can take on Crete – from wherever you’re staying – to experience old palaces,…

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Dubrovnik – What, Where and Why you should go

I’ll say it now – Dubrovnik was one of the first places where I truly fell in love with exploring as much as I could in as little time as I had there. Sunsets, sea, old streets and delicious food. What more could you want? (And that’s not even mentioning the tortoises in…

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What to do for a Week in Malta

From the airport to Valletta, the best way to travel is to take a bus. It’s a single bus, no transfers, and if you get the Explore Card it’s very cheap. (Journeys on buses in Malta are two euros otherwise, which is still cheap). What was particularly interesting about this travel day was…

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Why you should go to Valletta’s ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ Festival

I have to admit – I’d never planned to go celebrate the Lady of Mount Carmel day in Malta. I hadn’t even realised that the 16th July was a special day in Malta until I arrived. The city was encased in red and gold banners hanging from the streets with golden statues stood…

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What to do for a week in Lisbon

You want to visit Lisbon – but what exactly can you do there? Like most capital cities in Europe, it’s filled with a rich history and plenty of activities. I spent a week in Lisbon around Easter time. While the best itinerary will vary person to person – and on time of year…

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Greek Islands – Which One Is Waiting For You?

Greece is a beautiful country, with plenty of different islands to visit. Although visiting ‘a Greek island’ is a simple enough holiday destination, the islands have subtle differences. I’ve been lucky enough to visit several of the islands over the years. Which island you should visit really depends on what you want most…

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