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Why Crete should be a top choice for a Greek Destination

I’ve been lucky enough to visit several Greek Islands and Crete has remained a firm favourite. Here, you can get Greek culture combined with the benefits of an activity holiday, and beaches. There are genuinely loads of day-trips you can take on Crete – from wherever you’re staying – to experience old palaces,…

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Greek Islands – Which One Is Waiting For You?

Greece is a beautiful country, with plenty of different islands to visit. Although visiting ‘a Greek island’ is a simple enough holiday destination, the islands have subtle differences. I’ve been lucky enough to visit several of the islands over the years. Which island you should visit really depends on what you want most…

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Food Checklist for Greece

Most towns and resorts in Greece offer a huge selection of Greek food. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many different Greek islands, and the food has always been amazing. While each island and will have subtle differences or a regional dish, below are some of the unmissable food choices for your…

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