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10 Phrases to Learn Before you Visit a Country

Short and sweet – 10 phrases you should try to learn in the language before you travel. Even if you don’t use all of them, or people understand another language you can speak (most places have many people who can speak English now) it’s always a good idea – and makes you seem…

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Managing that Autumn Wanderlust

The feeling is all too common as the summer ends, and with it, some of the best adventures of the year. I can honestly say that this summer has been one of the best summers of my life: a week in Malta, followed by three weeks in South Korea and then a festival…

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Travel Essentials – Five Unforgettable Items For Your List

There’s an all too common feeling of panic when you realise you need to pack again – when you’ve no clue where to start. Throughout this year, I’ve been building up a list of essentials I now don’t travel without. Here are my top three that you should go and buy right now….

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Packing Small – Cabin Bags

How To Only Take Cabin Bags When You Travel I’ll admit – I love flying budget airlines to cram even more holidays in. Especially with RyanAir, it can quickly become more expensive if you’re unprepared. Simply taking a cabin bag is the best way to avoid those extra costs. However, I know from…

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