Over this last summer, I visited Malta for the first time. For those who are just starting out on their own travelling adventures, or even seasoned travellers, I’d highly recommend it. Chances are that you’ve come here to discover the best way to see all the island has to offer. And it’s definitely doable on a budget.

I can say with absolute certainty that the public transport in Malta is one of the best transport systems I’ve used. It definitely runs to time a lot more than English buses do! Upon arrival on the island, I purchased an explore card for 21 euros. This allowed me 7 days of unlimited travel on the buses around the island of Malta and it’s sister island – Gozo. You can buy these cards at the airport, or at the main bus terminal in Valletta. Without the card, all bus journeys were around 2 euros.

Even if you’re paying for card each individually, it still isn’t bad for how long some of them can be. You can get nearly everywhere on the island by bus – from Valletta to the Blue Grotto to the Tarxien Temples and beyond.

It is however worth noting that for Valletta City itself, walking is by far the best option. The buses to Valetta all stop in the main city bus terminal. There are some taxis in the main city, though these are few are far between. You don’t really need good walking shoes – it’s all pavement though there are plenty of steps in the city.

To travel to Malta’s sister island, Gozo, you’ll need to catch a boat. You can pay slightly more to go there by there by the fast boat, however the local boats are much cheaper and less touristy.

Overall, Malta is probably one of the most no-car-friendly travel destinations to visit in 2023. And definitely one you can explore on a budget!

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