Food Checklist for Zadar

One of the best things to do in a new country or a new region is to try the food. It gives an insight into local culture and it’s usually very different to your own food. Plus, if you like it, it can always broaden your culinary repertoire for when you arrive back home to take a bit of sunshine with you. If you’re anything like me, making sure I’ve tried all of the local delicacies when travelling is a must, and so here is a very brief list of what you can’t miss if you’re going to Zadar, as well as a couple of restaurant recommendations.

The 3 Zadar Food Highlights

  • Pag Cheese – the most famous Croatian cheese, made on the island of Pag. It’s made purely from sheep’s milk. You can find it in most supermarkets across Croatia, and is delicious on a cheeseboard or even by itself. There are lots of other cheeses to try in Zadar – if you’re a cheese fan you can go all out with buying cheese here.
  • Zadar Sea Bass – in many restaurants in Zadar, you can see the freshly caught fish from the Adriatic and so naturally trying the sea bass is a must. A lovely little restaurant for seafood is Restaurant Groppo (Home – Restaurant Groppo ( in the middle of the old town, with a little terrace and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Dalmatian Stew – if you try nothing else from Croatia, definitely give this a try. Though if you are travelling in the middle of summer and it’s a bit hot for a full meal, this is definitely something you can share due to the portion size.

If you’re looking for more commercial tastes, ‘Coffee and Cake‘ is a very quaint shop with a couple of street tables as well as an inside for vegan food, cakes on an evening and brunches.
To try some local wine, ‘Zadar Wine Garden‘ is tucked away (you’ll need to put on maps to find it) but well worth the walk, very reasonable prices and a delicious seafood platter. Even if you aren’t a massive fan of wine, ‘Zadar Wine Garden‘ is without a roof and nestled in a beautiful old building – I would go just for the atmosphere.

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