Yes, I know how ridiculous it sounds – travelling for a weekend, not even three days, and then having to be back in the UK (or wherever you’re from) for work again on Monday. But it’s definitely possible – and more than that – it’s something I would highly recommend. The cost of ‘staycations’ in the UK rose massively during COVID and Air B&B prices in cities are still high. So why not chase the sun, or go and explore another city rather than spending another weekend at home or travelling in your own country?

Firstly, I have to admit that my weekend abroad to Gdansk, Poland was extremely unorthodox in that I was totally unprepared for it: it was a group event where we had been told we were going to a city and not told where, so I only discovered that I would be leaving the country 4 hours before the plane was due to leave. One thing it did teach me was how to make the most of 31 hours in a foreign city and leave with no regrets.

3 Top Tips for making the most of a Weekend Abroad

  • Pick a location close to the centre
    When it comes to it, one or two nights can easily be done without luxury. A location as close as you can get to the centre dramatically reduces your travel time when you’re heading out in a morning or coming back from bars and restaurants at night. If you look at the right place, there are often relatively cheap hostels too, perfect for a couple of nights accommodation.
  • Eat out (or buy fresh food from a local shop)
    One of the best ways to immerse yourself straight into the culture is food. Try to find some of the authentic, locally used restaurants or buy local produce. It also helps to do this while you have a limited amount of time – you don’t want to be spending your time cooking.
  • Be prepared to be spontaneous
    Budget airlines are, in my opinion, the best way to go about a weekend abroad. Airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet often advertise deals during non-school holidays. See if you can grab any of these over a weekend and don’t be picky about where you go – sometimes the best place to explore is somewhere you’ve never thought of.

When it comes to it, if you can do a cheap weekend break abroad – what’s stopping you? Even if it’s a city that is known for having far too much to do in a short time frame, you can always revisit. It simply lets you expand your cultural knowledge and travel experience and allows you a bit more freedom than you would usually have in a week.