In current society, there are huge questions surrounding the ethics of travelling sustainably – both for the environment and for the communities you are travelling to. Airlines are trying to become more sustainable, with some pledges to be net zero by 2050. But there are still things that you can do to help keep travel more sustainable.

Booking Options

When booking through airlines, check their sustainability policies. Many airlines now have an option (sometimes costing a little extra) to offset some of the carbon emissions produced.

In addition to this, look at options besides airline travel and how sustainable these are. When I travelled to Sweden, I went by train and ended up with a stop in Berlin for a night on the way back. Although longer, you may discover that a train around Europe (using an Interrailing pass perhaps?) ends up being cheaper and giving you time in a different place to explore as well as more flexibility on your dates. An Interrailing pass is a good idea to look into if you are travelling around Europe as there are many discounts and you don’t always need to book your actual trains in advance.

Try to buy from local shops when travelling

Many small businesses in travel hotspots thrive on tourism. By using these rather than huge stores, you are more likely to be supporting a local economy.

Buy from Sustainable Brands for your travel Equipment

This is probably the easiest and cheapest option here to implement. I’d never really thought before about how large of an environmental impact the small 100ml plastic bottles have.

When I travelled to Sweden last summer, one of the most difficult things to find on my packing list were the biodegradable soaps to use. With the group, we would be camping in one of the National Parks – a complete lack of showers so we would be washing in one of the lakes. After scouring google for a good few hours to find something that might be suitable, I finally came across Ethique.

Ethique is a company with great transparency on their commitments to both environmental and social sustainability.  Ethique prodcts are packaged in fully recyclable packaging with no plastics and the soaps themselves are also fully biodegradable. While I fully appreciate they are more expensive than other less sustainable brands, it is worth it for price of protecting our planet.

I have found the Ethique products to be extremely high quality, long-lasting and far better than other shampoo/conditioner bars. The natural ingredients easily stand up to the rejuvenation that many brand products advertise, and they are very easy to use with their water activation. Their small size means that three or four bars fit perfectly into hand luggage requirements for aeroplanes. This means they won’t take up space in a liquids bag. You’ll have more room for other liquids and be less likely to have to pay for hold luggage on an aeroplane.

Ethique sell a variety of products; from body washes to non-frizz conditioner, travel wash and body butter. Each product I’ve bought from them I’ve been happy with. They’re a perfect gift for friends who love to travel or wish to lessen their environmental impact.  If you still aren’t entirely convinced, you can try some of Ethique’s cheaper smaller selection to give it a go. (Ethique – Conscious & Concentrated Solid Beauty Bars)