The feeling is all too common as the summer ends, and with it, some of the best adventures of the year. I can honestly say that this summer has been one of the best summers of my life: a week in Malta, followed by three weeks in South Korea and then a festival in the UK. However, there are plenty of ways to fulfil the autumn wanderlust as well as hopping on another plane. (Although I do have to say – that would be my preferred option).

Travelling your own Country

Although not always, travelling in your own country is often a lot cheaper than going abroad. Many cities and countryside in the UK have a beautiful autumnal glow around this time of year. In early autumn, it’s also still good enough weather to camp. The Yorkshire Dales falls are stunning in autumn and there are plenty of walkers for those whose wanderlust can be satiated with outdoor exploration. I’d highly recommend Ingleton and the surrounding for waterfall walks. If something like that is your plan, either just go and explore or check out a website beforehand to plan your walking routes with specific checkpoints (Walking – Yorkshire Dales National Park : Yorkshire Dales National Park).

If you aren’t much of a camper, cities are always a good option – especially as you can get public transport to many. It’s a lot easier to travel to a city for a weekend, and be able to be back in time for Monday morning.

Preparing for Another Break

This doesn’t even have to be another break. It could be looking at the best cities for Christmas Markets, making plans to visit a new local place near you or something else entirely. Of course, you can also keep checking those last minute flight details for a weekend away! (If you want a weekend break abroad, check out How to Make the Most of a Weekend Break in Europe – wanderlustandarucksack). There’s plenty of excitement that comes from simply planning a trip. You can start on next summer’s plans as well to keep the autumn wanderlust at bay – just make sure you’ve got something to look forward to.

Reunite with your Travel Buddies

I have to say, after I came back from South Korea, I really started started to miss the friends I’d spent the last six weeks with. Reuniting gives you all the chance to talk over the memories you made, laugh about the mistakes and possibly even plan to go away again together. If you’ve got travel buddies who went elsewhere for the summer, go and chat to them too. There’s a high chance they’ll inspire more wanderlust in you. Just adding more places to your bucket list! I think most countries in the world are now on my bucket list, but I’m always happy to hear of a new place I should add, or a new town I should visit.