(Or – You Want to Travel For the Summer But You Have No Clue How You Can Afford It)

While it’s not possible to stay in a five-star luxury hotel and pay barely anything for it, (unless you went to world scout jamboree 2023, but that’s another story) it’s definitely possible to backpack your summer away on a budget. Below is a quick read – three tips in three minutes to help you best budget travel.

The first thing to know is that it’s going to take quite a bit of planning. Deciding where you want to go is going to be highly influenced by your budget. That’s not to say that some expensive destinations are out of the question – but you may want to spend two or three nights here and five or six in a much cheaper area. For one of my planned interrailing trips, some nights cost up to £30 while others are well under £10 for a nights accommodation. Price is going to be very dependent on your region. If you want some help deciding on a destination, check out How to Best Pick Your Next Destination.

Take a good look at transport too. Bus Fares and public transport is a lot cheaper than private transport within the country. It also may be cheaper at some destinations to stay a ten-fifteen minute bus ride away from a big city and use public transport in and out every day. You can also plan some of your travel overnight. If there’s a ferry that travels from one of your destinations to the next – take it. It saves you the cost of a night’s accommodation.

Set filters when you’re searching to show you cheapest accommodation/flights/activities first. This is absolutely not to say you should pick all the cheapest things. There’d be no point say flying all the world to South Korea and then not visiting the DMZ or Seoul simply because it was a bit pricier. This is just so you can scroll through a few affordable options rather than having to sift through a huge pile to find ones that are in your budget.

Three minutes, and done. Now you can start getting booking for your budget holidays.

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