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Exploring Gdansk in a Weekend

I have to admit, my trip to Gdansk was extremely unorthodox: I didn’t know about the trip until 4 hours before the plane was due to take off on the Saturday morning. Talk about unprepared. One thing I can say, is it certainly taught me how to make the best of 31 hours…

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Dubrovnik – What, Where and Why you should go

I’ll say it now – Dubrovnik was one of the first places where I truly fell in love with exploring as much as I could in as little time as I had there. Sunsets, sea, old streets and delicious food. What more could you want? (And that’s not even mentioning the tortoises in…

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What to do for a week in Lisbon

You want to visit Lisbon – but what exactly can you do there? Like most capital cities in Europe, it’s filled with a rich history and plenty of activities. I spent a week in Lisbon around Easter time. While the best itinerary will vary person to person – and on time of year…

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