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Food Checklist for Costa Rica

This has to be one of the posts I’ve been most excited to do since returning. I loved the food in Costa Rica and each region had slightly different flavours. Even the dips with patacones ranged from traditional bean dip and salsa in Monteverde to flavoured mayonnaise in San Jose. One thing I…

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Best 3 Dishes to try in Malta

If you go to Malta, there are some definite must-eats. As a very brief overview of their cuisine, these were my three favourite dishes while I was over there. I’d highly recommend all of them, even if just for a taste. If you want a much more comprehensive list of which food to…

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What to do for a Week in Malta

From the airport to Valletta, the best way to travel is to take a bus. It’s a single bus, no transfers, and if you get the Explore Card it’s very cheap. (Journeys on buses in Malta are two euros otherwise, which is still cheap). What was particularly interesting about this travel day was…

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Food Checklist for Greece

Most towns and resorts in Greece offer a huge selection of Greek food. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many different Greek islands, and the food has always been amazing. While each island and will have subtle differences or a regional dish, below are some of the unmissable food choices for your…

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Food Checklist for Zadar

One of the best things to do in a new country or a new region is to try the food. It gives an insight into local culture and it’s usually very different to your own food. Plus, if you like it, it can always broaden your culinary repertoire for when you arrive back…

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