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Which Croatian National Park should you visit?

Preface: If you can, I would highly recommend visiting them all. However, if people are on a budget, you’ve got a certain amount of time in a place etc. All of the National Parks Below can be visited from the city of Zadar, on Croatia’s coast. Overall, Krka was the best park to…

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What to do for a week in Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is a gem of a city right on the Adriatic Coast, and the only city I’ve visited where the sea genuinely seems to be treated like a swimming pool – ladders up to the pavement all along the seafront, people sunbathing on the wide stone pavements and bathing platforms in the old…

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Food Checklist for Zadar

One of the best things to do in a new country or a new region is to try the food. It gives an insight into local culture and it’s usually very different to your own food. Plus, if you like it, it can always broaden your culinary repertoire for when you arrive back…

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