It completely depends on your preferences as to where will be your favourite city. However the UK does have a wide range of cities that can appeal to all.


Let’s start in the North. The UK is known for having a fairly large North/South divide that plenty of people in the UK will joke about – whether you’re northern or southern can become a heated debate especially for people in the midlands. However Edinburgh is firmly North. Edinburgh is one of my favourite UK cities for it’s bubbling atmosphere and the stunning views. Admittedly, yes, it is Scotland so it’s probably going to rain. But that will be offset by the views of Edinburgh castle, the streets overflowing with lively buskers, the gentle rush of people and the beauty of the old buildings. If you want to know more, check out my post on travelling to Edinburgh here: Spending a weekend in Edinburgh – wanderlustandarucksack


Oxford is well known for the university, but the city itself is also extremely pretty. Although expensive, there are some must-visits in Oxford such as the Bodleian Library and the Radcliffe Camera. You can also take tours around some of the university colleges, look at where C.S Lewis wrote Narnia and walk in the footsteps of famous alumni. Oxford is also a lovely city simply to wander round in, with nearly every building have some sort of story to tell.


York is another one of the quintessentially English cities – old streets, thatched cottages and plenty of little cafes combined with a bustling atmosphere. York hosts one of my favourite UK Christmas markets, the backdrop to the whole event really adding to it. York also has plenty of history museums, such as the Yorvik Viking Centre.


On a list of UK Cities, I couldn’t forget to mention London. I think London’s reputation speaks for itself, being one of the most visited cities in the world. I’ve been to London several times, and each time had a completely different itinerary, seen completely different things and overall come away with completely different experiences. Rather than go on about everything you ‘can’ do in London – I would just say that whatever you want to do or see, London will probably have something like that.

London Eye


Aberystwyth is an incredibly small city on the coast of Wales. When I went touring the coast a Wales a couple of years ago, this small gem of a city was one of the highlights. The National Library of Wales in located here, and open to the public. There are also ruins of Aberystwyth Castle along the seafront, as well as beaches. It’s a great place to start or finish (or even stop off) a tour of the Welsh Coast.


Newcastle is another one of the northern cities with a huge heart, and so much culture. It’s one the cheaper destinations on the list. Newcastle is firmly known as a student favourite city for the busy nightlife. The river Tyne runs through the city, and there is Tynemouth and other beaches a bus journey away.

If you like the idea of visiting a city, but want to travel a bit farther afield, what about Lisbon (Portugal), Zadar (Croatia), or even Valletta (Malta)?

If you don’t have too much time to spend in these place shave a read of my article How to Make the Most of a Weekend Break in Europe to see if they’d be viable travel destinations for your weekend away.