There’s an all too common feeling of panic when you realise you need to pack again – when you’ve no clue where to start. Throughout this year, I’ve been building up a list of essentials I now don’t travel without. Here are my top three that you should go and buy right now.

Travel Adaptor

Rather than getting just a travel adaptor for Europe, take the opportunity to get one of the ones that you can use anywhere in the world. There’s no fear of having to buy one when you get there – and they can be very expensive at airports! The one I personally use is () which is great because you only need a USB lead. You can also charge two devices at once on it.

When you’re travelling, keep your adaptor and USB leads near the top of your bag. Plenty of public transport around Europe, such as trains and buses, are now equipped to charge while you travel. If you aren’t too sure of when you can next charge your phone (as happened to me many times while in Sweden and getting on and off a double-decker train), it’s best to keep it topped up when you can.

Flip Flops

I know that for some holidays, these are an obvious pack. Some travelling, not so much. However I would urge you to always shove a pair in the bag. From camping and festivals to simply going down to the pool, it’s great to have a pair of shoes to just slip on for whatever you need. My experience with some showers while camping abroad is not the best – I’d recommend flip-flops as a must to save yourself the thought of having to walk into those showers barefoot.

Empty Water Bottle

So many airports now have stations to refill your bottle after security. While a while ago, you’d have to buy usually £2 water afterwards – you don’t anymore. It’s worth having one with you, and one you can keep with you over the holidays. You can then bulk buy the huge bottles of water and simply refill. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps to save the planet.

Solar Power Bank

And it’s worth getting one of the more expensive ones. Now at first, I thought solar power banks were just great for camping – and they really are. I got my first one before I went camping in Sweden, and then upgraded to a better model before camping in South Korea. However they’re also brilliant for places where the electricity isn’t constant. Malta was an excellent example of this, where there were several nights without electricity, and it ended up with me having to go to a coffee shop to charge my phone.

This is really important especially now so many things like plane tickets are all digital. You can get solar power banks that fold in and out so they save space in your bag (see mine below!). It’s a highly worthwhile travel investment, especially if you’re travelling on a budget and avoiding the modernised, expensive hotels.

This is the solar power bank I took camping in Korea with me.

This solar power bank above is my current one. It has attached leads that fold in for four different outputs, as well as a wireless charging function. When you’re buying solar power banks for airlines, be careful to check the maximum battery capacity as some airlines have restrictions.

Foldable Rucksack

A foldable rucksack is my go-to travel bag for week-long breaks in a city. However they’re also perfect for having shoved in the top of a bigger rucksack and being able to use as a day-bag. If you’re planning to backpack, you’d be best not to carry two rucksacks – but to have your main one and then a foldable one too.

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